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1. We sell ethically sourced products.
2. We accept custom design orders. (yourdesign + our tshirts or bags)
3. we join you at your event. (FestivalS + TRADE SHOWS + CONCERTS + ETC.)


The environment is important to us. We care about how our business impacts the environment. In an effort to minimize our footprint and walk softly we have carefully selected the best eco-friendly shipping supplies we could find. We have sourced all our shipping supplies through a company called EcoEnclose who provides us with recyclable shipping supplies which itself is also recyclable. We have chosen not to add anything extra inside the packages that are mailed to customers.  Only what you order is sent in the package. That means no marketing materials and extra packaging that isn’t needed.


As for the products that come from Freeset, all the raw materials are sourced from suppliers who use sustainable farming and production processes. This means they avoid the use of chemicals, hormones and preservatives which damage the Earth and are harmful to people. Pesticides and fertilizers used to grow non-organic cotton have an extraordinary impact on the Earth and on those who work it. That's why Freeset sources Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% organic cotton for its t-shirts. The cotton is also dyed using a 100% organic process.  In their Kolkata facility, they use only water-based ink for screen printing, avoiding harmful petro-chemicals and compounds.


We are always looking for ways to improve and minimize our environmental foot print. This will always be a priority.

May 18, 2016 The Joyful Project officially launched.

Since then, we have been focused on providing ethically sourced clothing and bringing people together through live events to support local non-profits.  The Joyful Project was the result of a three year long conviction and desire to take action and address issues like poverty and human-trafficking. At the core of who we are is a heart for social justice and embracing diversity. We are all human beings, we all have a story and a dream to share.  The founder, Andrew Benson, openly admits he isn’t much of a business guru but he feels strongly that providing meaningful employment opportunities to people is one of many great tools to help alleviate the problems associated with poverty and human trafficking. If it wasn't for the help of friends and others who supported the vision and volunteered their time and abilities this project would have never been brought to life. The Joyful Project is the result of a loving community effort focused on making a positive impact in the world.It isn’t a cure all only solution but it is one piece of the puzzle, we are doing our best to do our part to make this world a more loving and caring place to live.


Currently everything we sell is manufactured by a company based out of India called Freeset.  Here is what they say about themselves on their website: 


“Freeset is a fair-trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. We make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but our business is freedom! We would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in our neighborhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.” 


We love the vision that Freeset has for its business and fully enjoy supporting them by selling their high quality fair-trade products. Freeset Bags & Apparel has been awarded Fair-Trade Guaranteed status by the World Fair-Trade Organization (Guaranteed status valid from 12 April 2016). This achievement recognizes their existing Fair-Trade practices and their commitment to constant improvement. It is our hope to partner with other companies who share similar values of providing ethical products.


It might sound like a ridiculous question but why does business have to prioritize profits rather than people?


We are a company that only accepts ethically sourced products as worthy of retail sale. That means we care about the people who make the clothes we sell. We want to know that these people are being paid well, that they have good health benefits, clean and safe working conditions, and also that they have a voice in the workplace to address concerns. People matter greatly to us and we will never sacrifice these values for the sake of making bigger profits. 


We want the people who manufacture our products to be people who have been empowered. We also want to empower you as a consumer, to have the choice to purchase products that have been made with dignity and respect.



We have a deep love for music and for those who create it. We enjoy bringing people together around music so we have a side project happening where we become concert promoters. Over the last year we have organized and promoted concerts in three different cities highlighting some amazing musical talent from right here in Canada. 


These concerts are one of our favourite ways to interact with our customers and supporters. We often setup a small table for our merchandise available for purchase. It is a great way to spread some joy and share stories of the people who create these incredible clothes. It is always amazing to see how music can gather so many people from all backgrounds together. Building community is important to us and this is just one small way we seek to do that. Often we will support a local non-profit with the proceeds from these concerts, our most popular and annual event, happening every December, Concert for Socks does just that.




is a good thing

Generosity does a world of good. Everything we sell through our online store gives back to a non-profit here in Canada. We have concerts that give proceeds from tickets sales to local non-profits. Each t-shirt supports a variety of causes. In early 2017 we ran a campaign called The Scarf Project where we designated 25% of sales from our scarves to support non-profits in Winnipeg who care for women. Every purchase you make from The Joyful Project makes a difference. First, you are supporting employment for people in India who are living in poverty and moving toward becoming self-sustaining. Second, we give a portion of the proceeds from each sale to a non-profit here in Canada.