The Joyful Project was started by a small group of ordinary people who saw injustice in the world and simply couldn’t stand silently by and do nothing. Human trafficking and poverty are global and local issues that require local attention to truly have a lasting impact. When we talk about human trafficking and poverty we must also remember that these are real people we are talking about.

Our place in the fight against human trafficking is to support job creation. We work with Freeset Global, an incredible organization in Kolkata, India. They are a clothing company who operate under the fair trade banner and use organic cotton. The best part of their amazing story is that the women working for Freeset were once trapped in the sex trade in India. They are now free women who have been empowered. They receive great wages, health benefits, and work in a loving environment. They encourage and support other women who are on the same journey to freedom.

The Joyful Project has a partnership with Freeset Global that allows us to provide these wonderful garments here in Canada. We are what Freeset refers to as a freedom business. When you buy products from The Joyful Project you are supporting these women and helping to keep them employed. You are providing them with income and opportunities for a different life. You are helping to provide fair wages, health care and education for them and their children.

You are making a difference.

You are helping to fight against Human Trafficking.

This is how our story begins. We will continue to grow, move forward and make a difference thanks to the help of people like you.

Thank you for joining with us in our efforts to bring more love and justice to our world.

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