2nd Annual Concert for Socks

Imagine what it would feel like to wear a pair of dirty and wet socks for 3 days straight in the middle of winter. My friend Andrew met someone who was in that exact situation.

Socks are often an over looked donation item and always in high demand by people in need.

Concert for Socks is an event geared to bring us together for the sake of others.

It's a night of incredible music and good times among new and old friends.

It goes beyond the closing song, all profits from this event are going towards putting warm socks on cold feet this winter. Someone you may never meet will be thankful that someone they never met cared for them.

Last year we had an incredible event in Edmonton, Alberta.

This December 8th we re-created the evening at The Spill in Peterborough, Ontario.

Partnered with local artists we were able to pull together an awesome evening of music + community, all for a good cause.

Through all the donations we chose to donate it all to The Warming Room because they have good relationship with the people in need. They know their names. Their stories. They are friends. Same reason we chose the group in Edmonton last year.

We value real loving relationships when facing issues of social justice.

Check out this recap video from the night , shot and filmed by 3RD Millennium Video.

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