22 Things to do this Valentine’s Day without buying stuff or spending money.

22 Things to do this Valentine’s Day without buying stuff or spending money.

We thought it might be helpful to provide a short list of things to do without buying stuff or spending money this Valentine’s Day. We realize there are plenty of other great ideas that are not included in this list but we do hope it will spark some creativity for you. Maybe you want to enjoy a little self-love this year. This list has a few ideas for that. Perhaps you want to share this with someone you love and do something together. Or maybe you simply want to do something nice for someone else and call it a day. This list has a few ideas for that too. Either way, love wins. Enjoy!

  1. Borrow snowshoes and hit the trails.

  2. Call someone and encourage them.

  3. Create a treasure hunt.

  4. Find a tutorial on YouTube for something you don’t know.

  5. Go for a walk.

  6. Hang out at home. Do nothing.

  7. Offer your vehicle to a friend to use for the day.

  8. Visit a retirement home or homeless shelter and make new friends.

  9. Turn off all technology for the entire day.

  10. Build a fort in your living room.

  11. Leave random notes of encouragement throughout your neighbourhood.

  12. Do someone else’s cleaning.

  13. Open your home for a board game night.

  14. Try to make someone laugh with the driest joke you can find.

  15. Paper airplane competition.

  16. Read a story to someone or yourself.

  17. Invite people to your house for dinner. Ask each person to bring something to contribute to the meal.

  18. Write a poem or a song.

  19. Dance.

  20. Water your plants.

  21. Visit your local SPCA and take a dog for a walk.

  22. Have a conversation with someone on the street.

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